FGA has recently been commissioned to design and remodel the office headquarters for a global company based in the port of Liverpool. This will entail external and internal remodelling to create a high impact welcome for the reception and staff areas as well as interior refurbishment throughout. FGA has considerable experience in creating commercially striking […]

Fitting that FGA should get involved with restaurant designs, having done various apprenticeships in restaurant kitchens both front and back of house in university years. The bustling steaming kitchen on Christmas Day or the summer evenings in an Italian pizzeria serving the locals are formative experiences during the architectural training. Learning from friend Claudio how […]

Meeting on site with a client as the new house remodelling nears its completion, is already informing new ways in which the family now uses the spaces. One half of the client couple performs as an improvising vocal performance artist, sensitive to the exploration of spaces when performing they have noticed the new ways the […]

A recent visit to a new client, was to discuss a two storey extension to the existing dwelling to an end terrace dwelling with unique and distinctive character. The existing layout in the main has an L shaped configuration and the proposal would square up the plan as a whole. More kitchen space and family […]

A recent instruction by a client involving a collection of farm buildings in the Lake District, including a barn with grade II listing, and a farmhouse with planning permission for a two storey extension highlighted to me the need to consider the appropriate procurement strategy for the extension and conversion works of this project type. […]

At a recent networking event I didn’t factor in having a direct conversation with Mayor Joe Anderson about Visions for Liverpool and further obtaining support to develop an idea put to him during our conversation. My question to the Mayor was, as a city region with the lobbying for HS3 lines to the Liverpool Super […]

What a first few weeks….the daily surges in excitement, the meetings, the adrenaline, the head full of everything at once but not focussing on one thing. The frustration, the run along the river Mersey to clear the head, the small constant tremble beneath the surface of not wanting to fail and of course the life […]

A new project for FGA, for a client looking to create a bright, light and functional family room to the rear of the property from the existing kitchen and later added brick utility which when resolved will create a one room feel to what is an important gathering space for the family. The existing raking […]

You may never see the layer upon layer of tracing paper of discarded ideas, the layers of pen or pencil that press through from below and try and make it to the top. The stacks of lines and options explored that may need to return, which stops the immediate disposal and sometimes creates the sudden […]

After over 15 years experience of working in practices around the UK, I have come back to where it all began to start the next phase of Francis Garner as an architect: Francis Garner Architects.   Getting here   The steps taken over the years recall the first days and weeks in various Architects’ offices, […]