Extension Feasibility Project

A recent visit to a new client, was to discuss a two storey extension to the existing dwelling to an end terrace dwelling with unique and distinctive character. The existing layout in the main has an L shaped configuration and the proposal would square up the plan as a whole. More kitchen space and family living/dining area in open plan all opening onto the garden was the brief in the main, and also adding a bedroom above.

Plan_SK01_Bradley_Street - CopyFLAT_small

The levels in the house assist with one solution to stay within budget, whereby the bedroom above can be accessed from the existing landing level which will be lower than the first floor bedrooms current. The existing main roof plane can extend over the new bedroom and would not compete with the distinctive character of the overall mass of the house and allow a largely ground floor extension to be visible.

At ground floor also continuing a roof geometry of the existing lean to roof element would allow an interesting wrap around roof with a hipped roof presented to the garden with roof lights inserted along the length against the adjoining wall.


The new open plan living and kitchen family room will be of contrast to the cellular rooms of the existing house and opening onto the mature garden area, will provide a distinctive space for family and friends to meet at all times of the day.

This is a feasibility project which quickly explores the design, budget, planning constraints and allows the client to make a decision to proceed with a planning application. The 3 dimensional model sketches allow the whole of the proposal to be explored in a short period, and provide real time sun path studies, and generally a clearer understanding of all that is discussed in the initial excitement of the first meeting and from here we will see where it may go next.