One Room

A new project for FGA, for a client looking to create a bright, light and functional family room to the rear of the property from the existing kitchen and later added brick utility which when resolved will create a one room feel to what is an important gathering space for the family.


The existing raking roof at its lowest point creates a dark internal arrival at the end of the house and further smaller brick utility from previous owners further depletes any natural light.


Creating a clean break through from the dining to the kitchen and a further opening up from the kitchen to the utility area will greatly enhance this important part of the house, and introducing a large roof light and raising the height of the utility room will allow the eye to be drawn further through the kitchen area and to the yard beyond.


The clients who are very open to exploring design processes want a room different from the regularized cell rooms of the Victorian house. What does this new one room want to be apart from the all the regulations/rules/rational applied for user requirements? It wants to break free of the established house rules and go beyond the usual stacked functions that will determine the space. The family mode of living has been long determined by the functionality (which are very important to the working family home) They will get the working requirements of the kitchen/utility, but what else, when not driven by functional/regulation requirements?


This one room is looking for pure moments of truth, this is done (to my mind) in poetry, combining imagery and words that do not try to join all the dots, they create the spaces for the reader to imagine and devise their own symmetry.