Alresford Road, Aigburth, Liverpool

Sketch Stage

Build Stage

Completed Stage

At a glance

The brief was a simple maxim of ‘light, bright and functional’ with the existing rear of house being quite the opposite, when we had the first of many meetings over a period that would inform the house as it is now.

Location Map


Recently I went to visit the Boyland’s House, to see how the near completion the project is. Seeing it in the flesh and speaking with the client made me realise how remarkable the process is to all involved and how important the committed involvement of all both client and designer is.

With changing client needs during the design process, the brief became more about working with the existing structure and adapting the project to cater for ageing parents being able to access downstairs toilet facilities.

Meeting on site with a client as the new house remodelling nears its completion, is already informing new ways in which the family now uses the spaces.

The process we have engaged in together from the first meeting around the blank paper to hearing how they delight at being able to view the moon through the new opening in the roof, has enriched the way the family interacts and this small insertion allows the morning light to fill the once dark kitchen space.