Ruscombe Road, Liverpool

Sketch Stage

At a glance

The brief was a simple maxim of ‘light, bright and functional’ with the existing rear of house being quite the opposite, when we had the first of many meetings over a period that would inform the house as it is now.

Location Map


The proposal is to provide the residential accommodation in a 2 storey semi-detached dwelling and two apartment blocks at 2 and 3 storey.
The development comprises of a total of 19 residential units and 2 dwellings, a mix of three bedroom houses, one and two bedroom apartments.
The design principles will integrate the buildings and the landscape, to relate in character and complement the development of Serin Close and along Ruscombe Road.
The blocks have been arranged, massed and designed to provide a development with a distinct character that responds to the shape of the site and its location.