Working with FGA, you will be able to easily explore a sketch scheme of your project by exploring proposed spaces using 3D software to show scale, light and design detailed features important to you.

Collaboration with other dynamic consultants at each stage gives you confidence that your financial and design criteria are met.

FGA will navigate all the various statutory bodies to be complied with and advise when further actions by you or others are required.

Architectural services

FGA provides a full range of architectural services from small in scale to large and complex. This includes new construction, renovation, feasibility studies and master plans for a variety of sectors including public, cultural, commercial, restoration and residential architecture. A strong studio work ethic will guide the process from concept design to building completion allowing client access to each stage online of project progress.

Master planning + feasibility studies

Investigating and exploring all component parts of a potential new build or new site development project can involve the collaboration at an early stage with specialists and consultants. FGA’s experience in large and small scale projects ensures our solutions are viable and allow a clear brief to be further developed.

Restoration, revitalization + renovation

Inserting new life into old buildings and allowing contemporary uses to co-exist with historical building fabrics creates a unique project approach. As conservation architects, FGA will interpret the essential character of existing structures that will blend the old and the new and inform the unique details to be celebrated.